quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2009


After Madonna, Pavarotti and Berlusconi, there is another "carcamano" asking for your atention! The Radicci!

One of the most famous cartoonist in the country, with several books published in Brazil and Italy and daily strips and cartoons in leading newspaper of the south brazil, Carlos Iotti is the creator of "gringo" Radicci. A typical politically incorrect Italian

Successful on sales and with the public, Radicci won a legion of fans with his "carcamano" way of being and a family that includes his wife Genoveva (a feminist of the coutry), their teenager son Guilhermino and Nono the grampa.

At the site www.radicci.com.br or www.radicci.it you can check Iotti's work and learn more about his characters.

With Radicci, Iotti talks about all kinds of stuff like politics, family, religion, behavior, society and world. The old maxim to be universal from the village itself falls as a glove for the character and get interested readers from allover the places.

To publish the cartoons and strips of Radicci in your newspaper, just get in touch by phone:
55 54 30282702 or by e-mail: iotti@radicci.com.br.

The official representative of Radicci Entertainment, Iotti itself will be glad to arrange a visit and present his work.

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